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About Us

Alnour Organization for applied chemicals, located in Egypt,works since 2005 as one of the specialist company in manufacturing and trading of Petroleum chemicals, Marine chemicals and cleaning maintenance chemicals.

The production Capacity of this organization reaches 60 ton in per shift, with capacity an annual capacity of 30,000 ton .


The production is being supervised by excellent group of chemists and engineers.


Alnour Organization offers a comprehensive range of quality marine chemicals, petroleum chemicals. Produced in our factories.

Alnour Organization has many cabs supplied by the latest laboratory equipments when Alnour Organization had chosen the right way of research and development because technology and knowledge won't be transmitted easily, study and search should be conducted so as we could reach technological development preceded by other countries in the world. Therefore Alnour Organization had created several laboratories where more than 20 chemists under supervision of selected group of professors and raises these performance towards quality, environment, safety and professional health.


In our company, we exert endless efforts to satisfy and meet the demands of our clients by possessing and operating a wide range of related raw material stores.

Alnour Organization owns a strategic stock age that is sufficient to satisfy the needs of their clients for a period that is more than 150 days.


So we can supply not only low cost and good quality products to our customers, but also we can provide special service to help them to solve technical problems on production at any time. We base our activities to achieve perfect-satisfaction goal and we keep the principles of trusting and excellent services.

Our after-sale service includes technical support and administrative and marketing solutions offered by a team of specialized experts.

Alnour Organization guarantees the provision of competitive quality products at reasonable prices.

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